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Color Happy

Lemon Balm Essential Oil Coloring Pages

Lemon Balm Essential Oil Coloring Pages

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Lemon Balm Essential Oil

Happiness Comes in Many Forms. Aromatherapy is one of them.

Explore lemon balm essential oil through color. Each of these 30 pages is dedicated to learning more about aromatherapy, specifically lemon balm essential oil, and it’s history, science, chemistry, common uses, and even recipes, all while providing fun and detailed coloring elements, and a fun, France-inspired setting.

  • 30 coloring pages, plus cover
  • One time purchase. Not a subscription.
  • Digital. You print on your home printer.
This Bundle Includes The Following Beautifully Illustrated Essential Oil  Themed Coloring Pages:

  • Lemon Balm Essential Oil Melissa Officinalis
  • Lemon Balm Name History
  • Lemon Balm Medieval Lore
  • Lemon Balm Positive Mood
  • Lemon Balm Beekeepers
  • Sweet, Fresh, Herbaceous
  • Lessen Nausea
  • Steam Distillation
  • Lessen Stress
  • Boost Immunity
  • Rejuvenate Skin
  • Soothe Lips
  • Fabric Conditioner
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Lemon Balm for Cold Sores
  • Ease The Blues Blend
  • Lemon Balm Infused Oil
  • Lemon Balm Causes The Heart And Mind To Become Merry
  • Blends With
  • All Purpose Salve
  • Bee Patterns
  • Winter Wellness
  • Life Transition Formula
  • Keep Calm & Use Lemon Balm
  • Nature Journal Page
  • Recipe Cards
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