Color Happy FAQ

Color Happy Frequently Asked Questions

What is Color Happy™?
Color Happy, was launched in the fall of 2015 as a membership website for coloring enthusiasts under a different name. The Color Happy name was officially adapted in October of 2017. The current parent company, BookGoodies Network, was established in 2004.

What is Color Monthly?
ColorMonthly, or Club ColorMonthly, was the name used by Color Happy prior to the October 2017 relaunch. Color Monthly is no longer affiliated with Color Happy and is a separate company with a separate business model.

What is the Color Happy membership program?
Color Happy offers several different monthly memberships. The costs range from $10-29 depending on what type of access our customers would like, and whether they would prefer digital access, or would like for their pages to be printed and shipped to them. 

I had a Color Happy membership before 2017 plus I made many other purchases, what happened to my prior purchases?
The Color Happy website closed at the end of 2017 and there were many emails sent to members to download all prior purchases. Those purchases are no longer accessible. The site is under new ownership and has been moved to a new platform due to limitations of the prior setup. Most notably customers were looking for mobile accessibility that the new platform has that the old platform did not.

Does a customer have to purchase a subscription to purchase coloring pages?
No. Each digital product has the option of being purchased as a one-time purchase.

Is Color Happy available in Canada, the UK, or Australia?
Because Color Happy’s flagship product, our $10 a month coloring membership program, is accessed digitally, there is no restriction from consuming or marketing this opportunity in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, wherever it is legal to do so worldwide. 

Can I print off copies of the coloring pages and distribute or sell them?
No. Color Happy coloring pages are for personal use only and may not be resold or shared. It is fine if your friend comes over to your house and wants to color a page with you, but it is not OK to share your username and password with that friend so she can print pages at home.

It is also not acceptable to print off and resell copies of Color Happy coloring pages. All Color Happy sales must be made through the Color Happy website. For more information, please see our licensing details.

I own a restaurant. Can I print copies off for my customers?
Restaurants, group homes, senior centers, schools, and other businesses may obtain a special “business” license from Color Happy, for an additional $20 per month, to share pages in a business setting. Color Happy coloring pages are not permitted to be sold in this manner, but may be given to customers. For more information, please see our licensing details.

Can I sell products I create with the pages I color myself?
Customers are more than welcome to create t-shirts, notebooks, and other products for their own personal use with completed pages that they have colored (not the black and white pages). Commercial use is not allowed.

Is Color Happy a direct sales or network marketing company?
No we have an inhouse affiliate program. Our affiliate application can be found here.