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Color Happy

Christmas Fun Coloring Pages & Journal

Christmas Fun Coloring Pages & Journal

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Christmas Fun Coloring Journal

Get colorful, get silly, and get in the Christmas spirit with this set of 45 Christmas coloring and planner pages. Santa and friends are up to shenanigans in this adorable – but a bit snarky – set of coloring pages, plus enjoy games to play at your holiday parties, as well as all the organizational planner pages (gift lists, order trackers, card and cookie lists, etc) you’ll wish for this holiday season.

  • 45 coloring & journal pages, plus cover
  • One time purchase. Not a subscription.
  • Digital. You print on your home printer.

You’ll get:

20 Snarky Santa Themed Coloring Pages

  1. Gangster Wrapper
  2. Be Naughty: Save Santa the Trip!
  3. Christmas Calories Don’t Count
  4. I’ve been bad, so what?
  5. Dear Santa, Define ‘Good’, Please!
  6. I like to give homemade gifts. Which kid do you want?
  7. I don’t have to be good…I’m cute!
  8. Bah, Humbug!
  9. Only Accountants know the true meaning of Christmas!
  10. You have been naughty, So here’s the scoop, All you get, Is a snowman’s poop.
  11. Santa thinks I’ve been good!
  12. Elves made me do it!
  13. Kiss my festivus!
  14. I believe in coal
  15. Frosty hates global warming!
  16. Dear Santa, I can explain…
  17. Dear Santa, Does ‘goodish’ count?
  18. Sweet & Twisted
  19. Keep Calm & Merry On
  20. Who needs credit cards when you have Santa Claus!

14 Printable Christmas Party Games

  1. Christmas Party Icebreaker
  2. Christmas Trivia 1
  3. Template for Guests – Christmas Trivia 1
  4. Christmas Trivia 2
  5. Template for Guests – Christmas Trivia 1
  6. Christmas Riddles
  7. Template for Guests – Christmas Riddles
  8. Holiday Match
  9. How Many Can You Find
  10. Template for Guests – How Many Can You Find
  11. Know Your Toys
  12. Template for Guests – Know Your Toys
  13. Name The Reindeer
  14. Name That Christmas Carol

11 Christmas Planning Templates

  1. Christmas Gift Planner
  2. Christmas Gift List
  3. Christmas Card List
  4. Christmas Cookie Recipes
  5. Christmas Cookie Gift List
  6. Online Order Tracker
  7. Christmas Bucket list
  8. Christmas Movies to Watch
  9. Christmas Budget
  10. Christmas Menu
  11. Christmas Gift Tags
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